What does it cost?

Fees for our services range from $200-$1000, based on the car you're buying and whether it is a new or used model. Used and rare cars tend to carry a higher fee since it takes more legwork to locate a good deal; although, you'll likely see an even deeper discount from what you could have bought on your own thanks to regional differences in used and rare car prices. Auto Group understands that finding the right vehicle takes time as we don't service a once size fits all model. Every client has a unique set of needs which is why we spend considerable time seeking out the perfect deal that matches those needs.

Beverly Hills Auto Group Guarantee

Beverly Hills Auto Group's mission is to provide a hassle free experience for our clients while securing the lowest possible price on any new or used vechicle. If you are not 100% satisfied with our service, we will promptly refund your retainer and no fees of any kind are due.
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